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FNA-UK Grand Launch 14 November 2020
FNA-UK National Launch 14 November 2020
The FNA-UK National Launch took place on
Saturday 14 November 2020


FNA-UK Grand Launch!
by Maya Guerrero RN/NMP
November 2020

“Filipino Nurses rising beyond the pandemic… beyond the crisis”

Mabuhay ang Filipino Nurses Association of the United Kingdom (FNA-UK)!
Mabuhay ang Filipino Nurses!

What better time could it be for a launch, than the celebration of the International year of the Nurse and Midwife in honour of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. Nightingale was a visionary nurse and leader, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate and more timely for the occasion.

FNA-UK was founded, amidst a global pandemic by Nurses, built by a network of Nurses, in support of Nurses. An independent, apolitical, not for profit and family-orientated association registered as a Community Interest Company with Companies House and the Philippine Embassy in London.

The platform aims to convene the Filipino Nursing community for collective action to support, protect and promote the development of its members and collaboration with other societies, agencies and organizations, locally and internationally. To date the association has almost one thousand full members with voting rights in just less than 5 months from its conception in July 2020. The aim is to reach-out to thousands of Filipino Nurses in the UK and promote a supportive and inclusive community.

"Unprecedented circumstances called for unprecedented measures”

A team of leaders was assembled which plotted, planned and made an exciting event happen! The Grand Launch was held virtually on 14th November, only a couple of weeks after the interim officers had their virtual oathtaking with His Excellency Antonio Manuel Lagdameo, the Philippine Ambassador to the UK.

The Launch was significant to mark the official public statement of the group. To make it most newsworthy, the officers made sure it was of the highest calibre. Hosted by the equally glamorous masters of ceremonies, Susie Lagrata (FNA-UK Secretary) and Louie Horne (FNA-UK Learning and Development Coordinator), they took the show to a level almost on a par with BAFTA!

The event was graced by a powerhouse of guest speakers: the Chief Nursing Officer of England Ruth May; the Former Chief Executive Officer of the Royal College of Nursing, Dr Peter Carter; Amuerfina Reyes, Labour Attaché from the Philippine Embassy in London and Dr Habib Naqvi, Director of the NHS Health and Race Observatory. All had noteworthy, inspirational messages with a common theme expressing overwhelming gratitude to all Filipino Nurses for being a valued part the NHS diverse workforce of nurses,   midwives and other care workers.

CNO Ruth May outlined her three priorities: infection prevention and control; on-going workforce support and mental health and well-being.

Dr Naqvi expressed his commitment to and anticipation of collaborating with the association with the aim of providing opportunities that the Filipino community deserve.

Ms Reyes, on the other hand, conveyed heart-warming pride in her fellow Filipinos.

Dr Carter, conveyed a truly inspirational story about how he had had the pleasure to work directly with Filipino Nurses who have made huge contributions to the UK Healthcare system over the years. He wants to see and is encouraging all Filipinos to aim for the higher echelons of the health service, like our “Founding Father”- Francis Fernando.

It was indeed an event full both of pride and camaraderie, very emotional as the officers expressed their commitment to the cause of the association with the song “Lean on me” by Bill Withers.

This was followed by truly motivational messages from the association’s founding father, Francis Fernando and the President Ariel Lanada.

Of course, it isn’t a Filipino affair, unless there is some entertainment. The gracefulness of the Derby Bayanihan Dancers and the music prowess of the family trio, Soulm8s and more kept everyone glued to the event.

The event reached more than 18,000 contacts and was viewed by more than 8,000 across FNA-UK Facebook and YouTube channels. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with 100 percent of viewers commenting favourably with thoughtful messages and kind words. Ultimate evidence of the success of the event.

Despite it being a long four-hour virtual affair on a Saturday afternoon, and a massive effort from the technical team led by Marc Rodriguera, Advanced Nurse Practitioner turned “Programme Director”, it was a triumphant undertaking.

And finally, the event would not have been possible without the generosity of the association’s sponsors namely; Kabayan Remit, Salad Master, Orbit Remit, Pooten Forwarding International, World Remit, Thermomix, BC Remit, Asia United Bank (AUB), A&I Oriental Food, Megaworld International and SmartHeart Professional Ltd – Staffing solutions.

We can’t predict the future.
But we can control how we react to the evolving emergency as it unfolds.
We must remember that adversity defines our character.

Together, we are stronger, Together, we can serve better!

FNA-UK Grand Launch 14-11-2020 Gallery
FNA-UK Grand Launch 14-11-2020 Gallery
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