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Nominations are now open for Election of FNA-UK Interim Officers

Nomination of FNA-UK Interim set of officers from the 3rd of August until midnight of the 9th of August. Nominations must be e-mailed to

Only those members who have completed their on-line membership form, a Filipino citizen or descent and registered with the UK NMC (Nurses, nursing associates) are allowed to be nominated, nominate, vote and be voted.

The following interim set of officers are to be nominated and elected:
Vice President
Press Relations Officer
Programme Coordinators:
1) Training and Development
2) Sports
3) Health and Well Being
4) Networking/Social events

The 12 Regional Directors will be appointee by the interim officers once they are elected.

Only the top 5,4,3,or 2 (whatever is appropriate) nominations will be eligible to be voted for by our members. In case of only one nomination for a post/few posts, they automatically get elected unopposed.

From the 10th of August (midnight), those nominated will have to submit their photos with a brief background about themselves and the reasons for running in this election. Only 150 words maximum is allowed.

It’s a campaign period from the 10th of August until 07:59am of the 14th of August.

Voting starts from 8am of the 14th of August until midnight of the 15th of August. Any more votes after this period will not be counted.

All elected officers will be announced on the 16th of August from 8am.

If there are ties, the chairman or any of the commissioners will toss a coin to decide who is the winner for a particular post.

Any enquiries regarding number of votes, tallies etc will have to be made in writing to the chairman of the election 2 days after the announcement of the elected officers (until midnight of the 18th of August) otherwise, the election results will be declared final and executory.

FNA-UK August 2020 Election Committee

By: Susie Mamangon Lagrata
30 July 2020

In the midst of the most iconic landmarks of London, a group of people started gathering in front of St Thomas Hospital in London, just before 5 pm on the 29th of July 2020. It really was breath-taking to see the iconic London Eye, Big Ben hiding behind the shadow of scaffolding that surrounds it and next to it are the white and brown spikes of the legislative seat of power of our country. I found myself in a perfect spot, at the corner of Westminster bridge, within shouting distance of Florence Nightingale’s statue. As I cast my eyes upon her, to pay my respects and reverence, I saw a large group of hardworking nurses leaving the main entrance of the hospital making their way to where I was standing. In the midst of them is the founder of FNA-UK, Francis Fernando, and fellow member Glenn. In their hands are home-made signs and placards exclaiming “Fight for NHS pay rise now" or "Migrants make our NHS"! As if the mighty sun approves of what’s about to happen, it parted the grey clouds and smiled brightly upon us as we begin our socially-distanced formation to begin the march.....the NURSE’S MARCH to demand a well-deserved pay rise for nurses and everyone in the NHS.
Traffic suddenly stopped, cars and buses on the roads dispersed to give way to the hundreds of hardworking but disgruntled nurses shouting “What do we want? Pay rise! When do we want it? Now!" And amongst those voices are the voices of FNA-UK members Francis, Glenn, Mimi and myself proudly displaying the FNA logo on our shirts and on our placards.

The energy was palpable, one can feel the passion and the pent-up frustration from each individual nurse of every race, size, gender and colour lining up in the street. Down below, the water of the River Thames glistened as if reflecting the spark of passion and emotion of every single nurse up above it. Then all of a sudden, in a synchronised motion, the entire group took their first step towards our destination... Number 10 Downing Street. As our group pierced through the streets of Central London, people stopped to watch and wave at us and to give us a thumbs up, while taking their obligatory selfie the rally as the backdrop. Every car that passed-by honked and beeped as a sign of their support for the NHS and the nurses.

As we reach the gates of Downing Street, we all gathered around a makeshift podium where some of the nurse leaders and union leaders took turns to make their impassioned speeches. As the speakers took the podium, their tone ranged from powerful and inspirational to exhausted and emotional. The different stories of some of the nurses, from those who continue to fight for protection to those affected by COVID-19, were both maddening and heart-breaking. It still strikes me as beyond the pale that this is how nurses were treated considering that only a few weeks ago the whole country was clapping and we were all hailed as "heroes"! But that is why we are here, to support each other so we all get what we deserve. A fair pay rise! Just before we left the demonstration, we eased our way towards the front of the gates of Downing Street. There was laid a most poignant display of single shoes, all of which had belonged to healthcare workers who had sadly lost their fight with COVID-19. These shoes were lined-up to read as '540' - in commemoration of the 540 fellow healthcare workers who are gone but who will never be forgotten.

By 7 pm, the sun was still shining but the humid air was replaced by a cooler breeze. We headed back to the underground station to make our way home with a sense of empowerment and feeling much less alone. For me, the best part of attending the rally was the new friends I made: meeting colleagues who share the same passion for making change, ready and willing to work hard and not give up... which is akin to the very essence of FNA-UK!
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